Forte White Configurable Skate Package


  • Full Grain Leather
  • Race Wedge Comfort Leather Sole
  • Elite Band Footbed Tehchnology
  • Smooth Contour Leather Tongue
  • Vorrak™ Anti Abrasion Toe
  • PU Micro Leather Comfort Lining
  • Custom Comfort Heel Lock High Density Foam Padding
Axis 45 Mag Chassis:
  • The Axis 45 Chassis is Engineered for Highend Quickness & Agility
  • Pro Set TRUE 45 Degree Aluminum Trucks
Octane 10 Mag Chassis:
  • The Octane Pro Chassis is engineered for Highend Power & Stability
  • Pro Set 10 Degree Aluminum Trucks
Both Chassis Feature:
  • Micro adjustable Settings
  • True Dimensional Pro 8mm Axles. You will feel the precise action immediately.
  • POWER POUR-VECTRA PRO URETHANE Cushions. Available in 3 hardnesses 81A–85A—90A.
  • Reinforced Channel Extrusion
  • MIRRATEC ONYX finish
  • 5/8 Adjustable Toe Stop Fixture
  • Choose between Red or White Labeda Royalty Wheels
  • Swiss Elite Race Rated (chrome)

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We wanted to give derby skaters complete control over how their skate packages are configured. Our new CONFIGURABLE SKATE PACKAGE program does exactly that. For this package we start off with the Forte White Boot. Choose your boot size. Next Choose between the Axis 45 degree Magnesium Chassis and the Octane 10 degree Magnesium Chassis. Top it all off with your choice or Red or White Labeda Royalty Wheels.

BOOT: So many hours of Grind, Tears and Patience has gone into making the RD Elite Forte. Our latest and greatest boot has taken the finer parts of Our Original Legendary Boot the Stomp One and turned it into a low top with even more control. This Skate Boot features Full Grain Leather Upper with Genuine Leather Sole and Smooth Contour Leather Tongue. For extra control we doubled down with Two Velcro Over Straps and the new Custom Comfort heel lock system with high density foam padding. Perfect for the agile skater looking for speed and control.

CHASSIS: New INNOVATIVE HIGH PERFORMANCE Chassis engineered for High Intensity Agility and Manueverability. The Axis 45 Magnesium Chassis will keep you elusive and out of harms way (Designed for Highend Quickness & Agility). The Octane Mag will get you in front of the pack and keep you there (designed for Highend Power & Stability). Both Chassis are made for Skaters looking for a light weight, competition skate for Derby.

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